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Sally Field is both the writer and narrator of this fantastic audio book, In Pieces. It is actually a memoir of such an iconic personality. The success and love of fans for this book is an open secret and played a pivotal role in making Sally field, what she actually is today. It is also a clear indication of his talent and his versatility, which both his fans and critics acknowledge as well.

In this intimate memoir read by the author Shelly Field, the US icon for the first time tells her own story and that too in her own beautiful words. It is all about a hard, lonely and an intensely challenging childhood and all those crafts, which motivated her to find her own voice. It is about an emotional but powerful legacy, which redefined her journey both as a mother and a daughter.

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Sally field is of course a very popular name and he is one of the most enduring and beloved actress of the contemporary time. She is known for her special charm, which captivated the audience world over for as long as 5 decades. It all started right with her first appearance on TV at the age of 17 only.

Her journey from a loving sweet girl next door to the winner of Academy award, everything in between has been very inspiring for everyone, especially those who follow her. Sally has managed to impress her audience every time with her dynamic artistic range and the ability to play the emotional roles effortlessly. But, there is one special character of her that remained hidden all her life and that is the shy girl within.


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