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Sara Shepard no doubt has portrayed the most corrupt girls in the history of literature; they just cannot leave their inborn nature at any cost. Bad deeds of the past made them toys in the hands of Alison because she knew all about their secrets. Alison’s death solved the problem for the gang now and the girls are back in the wild business.

Wintertime has approached and the four charming girls are knitting more violent relations than ever. Hanna among them has the biggest goal i.e to become the queen bee. First most of the listeners in Pretty Little Liars and Unbelievable get the gesture that Hanna is just after the title but her plans are bigger than ever. Being the queen bee will provide her the chance to rule the minds of the newcomers and thus she plans to influence the youth through her negativities. Spencer and Aria also indulge themselves in some corrupt tasks like always but their motives are associated with their personal lives only.

As far as Emily is concerned she keeps a low profile in this part but it does not prove that she has remained innocent this time. Cassandra Morris brings back the old energy in the narration during this part as it is a new beginning and the rebirth of “A”.

Days of the queen bee and her dark allies are now numbered. An enemy that rises from the ashes will not show mercy on the pretty faces with dark hearts. Tables will be turned and the bad girls might not be able to survive this deadly blow which will unveil their true identities forever.

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