Kitchen Confidential

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This is not the first time Anthony Bourdain has written or narrated a book, for some listeners the name is new as it is the first time the author has not dealt with fiction. Previous hits that made the author famous in the literary circle are Bone in the Throat and World Travel. Writing those books was fun for the author, he enjoyed writing every word of those masterpieces.

The reality however lacked in all of those books a great deal. In a quest to create something more real and delicious Anthony selected the profession that has remained close to his heart all his life. Over the years the man has worked as a cook in different restaurants in the east and west. During his work in small and big kitchens, he had to face strange happenings which people usually don’t expect in the life of a simple cook. Incidents which we hear through the author’s mouth makes us laugh our heart out.

Plus along with every incident in the kitchen, there is a recipe attached, whether the listener is an over-eater or is on a diet he would not be able to resist the way dishes are described.

It’s more like the talk of a cook during the cooking or preparation of an order that has to be delivered at the exact time. While working in one of the restaurants of the town, Anthony was forced to serve even drug dealers some of whom were wanted by the police over decades. Not only the stories in the book are colorful, it is also the expression that makes each scene bloom in our heart and mind.


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