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Marshal Arcane

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Dark times are coming and the Spellmonger named Minalan has to battle many things to win this war against the one who calls herself the Witch Queen. The evil witch is actually taking over the dead bodies and she desires to create an entire army of the undead by doing this. Minalan’s wife who just died recently is also brought to life by this witch and her body is also under the command of the evil doer.

It is the story that is more like The Mad Mage of Sevendor because Minalan is moving beyond his limits to stop his enemy who is under the protection of the young Prince Tavard. The prince is a mere twenty years of age and he is protecting the one who has a history of four thousand years attached to her name. Mycin Amana is the real name of this evil doer and in order to bring her down to her knees, Minalan has to look deep into his memories.

Marshal Arcane

The bad news is that these memories can make him mad that’s why he has never tried to take that risk. The awesome writer of the story Terry Mancour tells how slowly Minalan seems to be losing his sanity. The people close to him think that he is going to get mad that’s why some of them want to kill him too just like the characters of Shadowheist.

Minalan is not thinking about these things now rather he is devoted to his mission that’s why narrator John Lee has given him a neat voice to show that he is thinking straight. Whether he loses everything or not Minalan is going for the Witch Queen and he is going to bring her down.


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    1. I would like to beg you to please upload book 14 if you have it. I’m desperate. This is such a wonderful series & I’m hopelessly addicted. Are there more books after 15? (Hands shake like a Crack head) please say there are more!!!


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