Mary, Mary

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Vacation time gets ruined again, this time it is Disney land Alex and his family goes to and he is called back because a murder has taken place. Someone kills an actress this time and that too without any reason. After a while, an editor is told all about the murder in great detail so that he publishes the whole thing in the newspaper. When Alex hears about all this stuff he remembers something and is sure that the whole thing is not new and he has seen such a case in the past.

It takes some pondering when he remembers the name of Mary Smith who in the past has done such sort of killing. It seems that she has come back for another episode and the first murder was just the beginning of the scene. More is yet to come and Alex has to stop them or Mary will again disappear for another decade.

Famous actors and actresses of Hollywood come under the radar and they think that their lives are in danger. Alex on the other hand is horrified at first to learn that this has been the doing of a fragile creature. Thus he wants to know why Mary is doing all of this because in this way he would be able to understand her motive and can guess who could be the next on the list.

James Patterson has described psychos before but this woman is out of this world that the trio of Peter jay Fernandez, Michael Louis Wells, and Melissa Leo narrates. If you are an old fan of Four Blind Mice and The Big Bad Wolf then get ready to get that taste again in your mind. Only this time it is scarier because the killer appears to be aimless which makes him more dangerous because he becomes a threat to everyone around.

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