The Real Sherlock



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    Sherlock Holmes got famous the moment it was launched and since then it has remained in the classics among the top ranks. As people read and listened more and more about Sherlock the real man behind the picture was always ignored. Conan Doyle the creator of the masterpiece wrote the tale as an original one. On most occasions people can really feel that the author saw those happenings and then jotted them down in his diary for a further use in the series.

    Lucinda Hawksley had the same notion in his mind and this thought forced the author to write a book that is focused more on Conan Doyle as compared to Sherlock Holmes. Lucinda narrates the book herself because she thought that only she would be able to make her point of view clear in the public. Like Queen Victoria’s Mysterious Daughter and The Mystery of Edwin Drood the author has done quite a research for this book. She tells us about Conan’s visit to friends who looked just like the people that we found in his works.

    The Real Sherlock

    The places where the author used to go, clearly show their faces in different chapters of his books. Not only Lucinda tells the people about Conan, she also tells about the sources through which she was able to gather the information in order to prove their authenticity. Private life of Conan comes before all of us for the first time in which we observe him fighting against the death of his wife and son. Thus the man was not what most of the people think of him now from the inside.


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