Murder Al Fresco

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The Southern Pasta Shop mysteries are getting more and more interesting with every new chapter. The Murder Al Fresco lifts up with the same pace, where the prequel to this one ended. The book and the Southern Pasta Shop mystery novel series is written by Jennifer L. Hart. This chapter is part 3 of the series. Once again for the narration, Suzanne Cerreta is the narrator and has done a fantastic job with her powerful voice and soulful tone.

Andy Buckland is a character who is known as an absolutely no stranger to Television. The worst ever moment of her TV career happened when the live audience in her cooking show got severe food poisoning from one of the special dish that she cooked. But, when Andy Buckland got a chance in the Diced Showdown cooking show, then she sees her chance at recovery.

In exchange for the shot at justification, Andy Buckland along with Malcolm Jones, her fiancée are given a daunting task to locate the mysterious blogger’s identity, who is known for his nasty habit of revealing some serious detrimental secrets associated with top celebrity chefs of the show. This was getting extremely difficult for them to manage.

Jennifer L. Hart style of writing is phenomenal and she has got the ability to create majestic situations literary out of nowhere. Her characters are strong and capable enough to captivate the attention of the audience with some great thrill, suspense and adventure. If you are a fan of crime mystery thrillers, then give yourself a chance of entertainment with the splendid recommended novels from the author by the names of Murder a la Flambe and Sleuthing for a Living.




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    Murder Al Dente

    Murder á la Flambé


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