Never Never: Part Two


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    The pair of Tarryn Fisher and Colleen Hoover rolled the story smoothly in the first part of the series and now to clear the things further they present this hurried second part. Narrators are not changed which proves that the quality of the narration would be the same. Familiar voices of Kevin Free and Elizabeth Evans make things easy to digest.

    The word “never” echoes several times in the novel, telling the audience about the promises that the two love birds make. Charlie and Silas form the first kiss promised to never leave each other and now they have separated ways. There is something that pinches them so much that they cannot come close to one another now. Something that separated them in Never Never: Part One and still the real facts are not present on the scene.

    Never Never: Part Two

    People have started raising voice against the lady now and luckily there is spark of love and never say die attitude in Charlie. The two seem to forget a lot, their minds are once again confused they remember most of their past life but it is like a dream. Sometime the story in the second part becomes less serious when the state of mental condition of these two confused minds is presented before us. Fate is playing ill with the two love birds, they don’t know one another now but the feeling of love is not gone.

    They know that the person they loved is still out there but what was the thing that made them forget all is the main question that eludes their mind. The expectations are real high for the completion of the trilogy at the third part.

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