Odd Child Out

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Odd Child Out is another psychological mystery thriller from Gilly Macmillan out of the many such novels that she has written. Peter Noble this time has been entrusted with the task of narration of this novel and it was a satisfactory attempt with the good quality of voice and expression by the narrator.

The story in this mystery thriller is about Abdi Mahad and Noah Sadler, who have always been known as to be inseparable. But, at the time, when Noah Sadler was found floating over the Feeder Canal in Bristol in unconscious condition, then Abdi Mahad was not able to tell that what exactly has happened there, or at least Abdi didn’t want to share the information at all with anyone.

Jim Clemo, the detective is just back from his mandatory leave after the conclusion of his last case. Now, he is assigned the next case to investigate that what exactly has happened in that unfortunate accident of Noah. But, in that suspicious case, tragedy strikes yet again and what appears to be a simple and straightforward case of a prank gone wrong, has now turned into a fierce public battle. Noah was a British citizen and Abdi was a Somali refugee living in Bristol, England. This ignited social tension and it spread rapidly through the vicinity of Bristol. In the backdrop of all this fury and fear, the two involved families battle it hard for their sons and also to find the truth behind that accident. Both the families had absolutely no idea that how far they have to go with all this.

What She Knew and I Know You Know are two other popular mystery thrillers that Gilly Macmillan have penned. 

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