Odd Interlude

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David Aaron Baker’s voice comes to us again in this special episode, starring Odd Thomas once again. Dean Koontz just couldn’t stop himself at Saint Odd thus writes another story about the goodwill ambassador of living and dead. Another motel around the highway known as Harmony Corner is visited by the wonder team comprising of Odd Thomas and his strange friends. Odd is not on a mission like always and just needed some rest and a free time with his friends.

They spotted this particular motel because it looked quite relaxing in appearance. When they got into their room they came to know that it was waiting for them with open jaws. Worlds of dead and living are not new for Thomas and his pals but they never bothered to ponder that there lies something between these two worlds. That something which hangs between both worlds is real trouble for the living and dead. Suddenly the relaxing mode of the team vanishes and they become professional.

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First priority for Odd is to save his life because only he can save everyone from this horrible nightmare that has approached them. Next step is to find a safe shelter where the team can regroup and look into the matter more deeply. Enemy is not known like Odd Hours and this time Odd is not having any visions about him because he does not belong to the worlds that Odd governs.  This additional book is a real treat for the old fans who wanted more of Odd’s adventures after the seventh book. Mystery is there but no twists in Odd’s personal life because Dean didn’t want to change want he ended.




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