Private India: City on Fire



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The city of fire and fights is the next stop for “Private” as James Patterson joins hand with Ashwin Sanghi to present to us a story that takes place on the streets of Mumbai. Santosh Wagh is given the charge of the team in Mumbai and Jack Morgan cannot be on every place all over the world. Thus Jack selects the best from the area and hires them for his company as they know the area in a better way as well.

Another excellent step that is taken for this part is that the narrators are Indian; this was quite needed because the accent of Asian would not have been easy for an English man to convey. Amerjit Deu and Raj Ghatak provide the much needed Indian style and touch to this chapter. This time the area selected by the “Private” is perhaps the toughest they have ever confronted because this is the city where a criminal has thousand of places to hide.

Private India: City on Fire

Thus finding a killer in the slums of Mumbai in a few days is something which is not possible even in dreams. Santosh has to find the killer at any cost because it is killing one woman after the other and putting strange things on their bodies. It seems that the killer is performing some sort of a ritual which is hard to comprehend.

In Private Berlin and Private London the killers were never such psychopaths and the cities were also not famous for crimes and criminals. There is another chaos that the company faces i.e someone is trying to destroy the company for his own personal goal and that someone happens to be one of the team mates.

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