River of Stars

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Simon Vance narrates the second book of the series “Under Heaven”, the first part of the series took us to China where we saw a warrior fighting many battles at the same time. In Under Heaven Shen Tai showed his real talent in war, politics and also establishing friendship bonds. Another hero from the Tang Dynasty is depicted by Guy Gavriel Kay in the second episode. Ren Daiyan from an early life witnessed and did things that an ordinary lad usually shies away from.

He was just a teenager when he was charged with the duty of protecting the imperial magistrate. During his duty, the magistrate was attacked by seven men and he killed every one of them single-handedly thus keeping the magistrate safe and sound.

After that, for many years he remained among the people from the dark side and now he is needed back in the city because the danger is approaching. Kitai is in danger and it needs heroes like Ren who can answer the enemy back with full force.

In Kitai, there is another hero in the making, a young girl who likes to write songs and her skills bring her closer to the emperor of the state.  But when danger reaches her doorstep she is forced to leave what she likes and accept what is needed to safeguard her family.

The story has two types of characters one side is that which is busy in war and the other side including the emperor is that which likes the field of arts and hate wars. There were some colors of A Brightness Long Ago in the story but the theme was not linked to it.

Guy’s books are all independent of one another as they have separate stories and themes, the surroundings or the eras are sometimes the same but the rest is different.


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