Target: Alex Cross

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Assassins have been dealt with before thus it is not a new job for the old-timer. Problem is that this time the assassins are more in number and Bree’s job is also on the line. Bree Stone has now become the chief of DC detectives which means that she not only controls the town’s detectives but also has the responsibility of the whole area.

During one of these days, a problem arises in DC when a sniper hits a target in a procession. All the departments receive an alert call after that because there is a danger that this was just the first call by the sniper and there is more to come. The news comes to the law enforcers that six assassins have entered the premises of DC and they have big targets in mind.

One thing is for sure i.e if they remain successful then Bree’s job and prestige would end in smoke this time. Alex of course cannot allow all of this so he comes forward on the direct orders of the new president. Alex has both personal and professional motives in this case and it reminds us of Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls when he was new in the game.

He cannot let his nation and his wife down at any rate but first, he has to get to the core of the matter and pinpoint the person who has sent these assassins to his country.  James Patterson brings conspiracies back to the series and Andre Blake narrates in that slow style that has made the narrator so famous in the previous years.

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    The People vs. Alex Cross

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