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Terror and tragedy still continue to decorate the life of the marked girl i.e Zoey. Accomplishing so many things in her teenage the legendary girl still is not blessed with a time to relish the life according to her dreams. It was she who took care of the High Priestess and after that saved Stark from the fangs of death. Circumstances forced her to bite Heath and he too is not a simple human being anymore. With all these troubles she receives another bad news about the upcoming gang of destruction.

Zoey starts the mission once again against the High Priestess and as a tension releasing instrument she gets a hot guy as her bodyguard. Evil also approaches the land and things that have been happening in the Tulsa Depot for years have finally become serious. Only Zoey can stand tall against all of this but there are predictions that she might perish this time at the hands of the enemy. But that was her fate in Chosen and Untamed and she proved every prediction wrong with the help of her zealous approach towards her missions.

Going to Kalona is chosen without any fear of losing herself because her friends are more precious for her. With all these sacrifices P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast are making Zoey rise in status among the House of Night. Zoey that Cassandra Morris narrates this time is a different being she is all in for the mission and is not looking for an escape out of this terrorizing situation. After this mission if she gets out alive she would be praised as a true hero




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