The Academy The Survivors, Book 10

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An obvious thing gets the clear approach of Nathan Hystad in the tenth part of “The Survivor” series. Old Gatekeepers were great but now they are becoming old and some of them have perished during the wars.

So in these challenging times the people of the earth need better and trained Gatekeepers. For the sole purpose of producing new Gatekeepers the higher authorities establish the institute known as The Academy. We now have the next generation of heroes; first one of course is Jules Parker along with her buddy Patty. Enemy feels the threat of The Academy at once and the attack is launched by Kold against the academy.

All of it happens in such a situation when the old heroes from The Gatekeepers and New Horizon are busy in different affairs they are assigned. Magnus has gone to some other station on Horizon and Mary has busied herself with the Alliance now. Dean is there near everything but he is not called for the job once again rather he is asked to devise a plan to entrap the enemy.

Instead of giving all his time to the planning Dean also searches for the corrupt one behind all of this. The search gives Dean the shocker of a lifetime, a close friend whom he trusted a lot happens to be the traitor. Academy in the meanwhile is left in the hands of its untrained students who have a very short time to prove their worth to the world.

Marc Vietor as the official narrator handles this tough job quite well, narrating the new and the old generation at the same time is always a big trouble to handle.

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