The Arctic Incident

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Artemis Fowl the twelve year old that we met in Artemis Fowl Movie Tie-In Edition has groomed himself more now. First episode landed him in hot waters when he abducted a fairy by mistake, later things settled nicely for Artemis. Being a clever boy, Artemis always finds a way out of terrible situations and not only this he makes money for him too. When the book opens this time Eoin Colfer paints the boy living in Ireland.

He is in a boarding school but getting education is not his passion at all. So when the mission calls he just doesn’t think for a second time because it wastes time and everyone knows that “Time is money”. Mail that the boy gets is from Russia and with it is a horrible news i.e the one who sent the mail is Artemis’ father.

Artemis’ father is in the hands of Russian Mafia and by the looks of the situation he is left with few days to live unless the son reaches in time. Artemis knows he has to do everything quick and for help he gets the old rival from book one. Captain Holly Short shows readiness to help the boy as he looks really disturbed because of his father. In this entire tragic situation the audience can still feel that Artemis is not making rash decisions, he takes calculated steps.

The boy also knew well whom to believe on in the time of need. Plan that is designed is not suicidal at all so he is not the kind of lad who gets carried away in emotions. Nathaniel Parker during narration does not use high pitched sounds because cunning boy like Artemis does not talk too much like old warriors. With The Eternity Code Colfer will complete the trilogy but the book is not the trilogy kind of material, it will continue for a long time.




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