The Bonehunters

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Steven Erikson is a Canadian novelist and has done phenomenal work in English literary writing. The most amazing part of his career is that he was never trained to become a writer. Rather, he was an archaeologist and later on developed interest in writing.

Having coming into writing much late and then writing top class content that inspired millions of readers is something highly incredible. He is widely known for his science fiction fantasy novel Gardens of the Moon, which is something absolutely fantastic and has a huge fan base. Another considerable novel from the author is Reaper’s Gale, which is equally spectacular and commendable with excellent reviews received.

The Bonehunters is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is a chapter out of Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series. It is a long novel and its audio version lasts for more than 4 hours, which is all packed with sheer entertainment for the book buffs. Michael Page has done the narration of this chapter and with his emphatic tonal quality and expression, it was nothing short of a sensation for the audience.

The followers of the Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series are well familiar with the Seven Cities saga. This is where the rebellion of the Seven Cities get finally crushed. Sha’ik has left for the other world and there is one rebel force that still remains. The prospect of laying cordon to the ancient fortress turns the war-weary 14th Malazan Army quite uneasy. It was here for the Dassem Ultor, the greatest champion of the Empire was slain and then it was the Malazan blood that spilled. This was a place known for foreboding and it smells like death.





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