The Couple Next Door

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New thriller loaded with mysteries and terrifying tales about people that one can never forget come to the scene. The novel appears to be a fast ride in a roller coaster as Shari Lapena never lets the listeners or readers get bored.

The changes are sudden and the suspense is beautifully added up in the scene that is not difficult to figure out. Each page changes everything which means the writer brings changes as quickly as you turn the leaves one after the other. The start is not drastic or over enthusiastic, a young couple is presented at a dinner party at their neighbor’s house.

The couple is one of those couples that are blessed with everything one can desire from life. They have a house of their own and a beautiful baby girl that relishes all the pleasures of life. During the dinner part the couple is charged of a serious crime and thus the cool and calm life faces a nightmare.

The master detective is called like always in writer’s work we see detectives joining the tales in Someone We Know and A Stranger in the House. Rasbach the famous detective knows from instincts that the couple is hiding something. When the truth is revealed it proves to be judgment day for Anne and Marco who were hiding many things from one another for the last couple of years.

Novel possesses one main plot and several sub plots; the whole thing is loaded with deception, unfaithfulness and lies. It can be termed as a domestic mystery narrated in extreme pace by Kirsten Potter who in many senses has kept the motive of the writer alive through her voice.





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