The End of Everything



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    The book is written in a lighter tone although the topic of discussion is of the serious type. The author didn’t want to scare the audience from the deadly secrets which the universe has been hiding since the beginning of time. Every one of us knows about the Big Bang theory and the way the solar system was created. The beginning of life is also an interesting piece of information for all of mankind.

    The problem is that not many of us have thought about the thing that our life can end in the same way. In an instant, everything that we know or things that we have created can be dashed to the ground. Our existence in the universe will end in a single moment of time. These ideas alarmed Katie Mack right from the time when she was just a student. She wanted to know more about things like Vacuum Decay and Heat Death.

    The End of Everything

    Life is not predictable at all in this way because we have no control over the cosmos. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to stop the things that are happening in the galaxy. If we look at it this way then all our hard work and progress is useless because a mere accident in the solar system will turn us into ashes and there would be no trace left linked to our existence.

    Katie Mack who is also the narrator of the book does not make us a pessimist rather it is written in a humorous way like Poison for Breakfast. Such destructive things can scare us if written seriously so it is better to present everything in this style.

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