The Extraordinaries

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World of extraordinary people is always an interesting thing to watch and listen to. T.J. Klune takes the audience to the Nova City in this first installment in which we are introduced to Shadow Star and Pyro Storm i.e the two rival forces in action.

Shadow Star wants to protect the city while on the other hand, Pyro Storm wants to take over the domain. Between these two, there is Nick who has no powers and is contended with his life at high school. Nick has an affair with Seth but this is nothing which Nick talks about quite often.

Most of the time, the boy remains busy in his thoughts about a fictional world and when he comes face to face with Shadow Storm he knows what he needs in life. The crush for Shadow Storm forces Nick to leap into a world he knows nothing about. One thing which the boy knows well is that he cannot reach his destiny until he gets some super powers of his own.

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Slowly the dark world is revealed to the boy as he searches for his one true love and also the destiny of his dreams. The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door kind of spookiness along with some love can be witnessed in this novel.

It was just the start of the series and still, it goes beyond our expectations in all situations. Michael Lesley has done the narration for this first part and it is done in style. No one else can present a love story better than Michael Lesley because he has a well-carved voice for such things. Member Benefit

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