The Ghost Brigades

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The fight for survival goes on as the Colonial Defense Forces start genetic experiments in order to make their soldiers a perfect breed that would be able to fight like machines. The DNA of the dead is used for the creation of the Ghost Brigade that has super soldiers which can move like fast robots and they don’t age as well.

In simple words they are not human anymore and the question is that would they fight for the cause of the human race now. John Scalzi writes the second part in continuation of the first one and the piece of art again comes to us the spectacular voice of William Dufris that was one of the main highlights in the previous part.

The human race in this part needs everything that they can gather for a fight because all the three races that wanted to exterminate the human race have joined together. Mankind is at the mercy of this allied force.  Charles Boutin the military scientist holds the main key as he was the one who created the super soldiers in the first place. But then the dramatic twist comes when Boutin becomes a rogue and betrays his own race.

Jared Dirac becomes the commander of the Ghost Brigade but as he shares the brain of Boutin he too soon starts realizing the cause of Boutin’s betrayal. The scenes are written in a much better way if we compare it with Old Man’s War and even with the next part  The Last Colony . The hidden secrets are however are the main source of attraction that make this part a dominant one among the rest.



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