The Green Ripper

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The Green Ripper is chapter 18 of the Travis McGee novel series. It is a full on hardcore crime mystery thriller with mind-blowing suspense. This is exactly what the writer of this novel is known and especially his suspense is absolutely stunning. This part of the Travis McGee novel series is quite refreshing and you will be amazed that how well the author has maintained the quality of writing this far. You may also enjoy this as a standalone novel. The Deep Blue Good-By and Pale Gray for Guilt are other two phenomenal novels from the same Travis McGee novel series.

Robert Petkoff expectedly is the narrator of this chapter once again just as he has been doing a good job in this capacity right since chapter one of the saga. This chapter is also one of the best where Robert’s performance was appreciated by the audience to the maximum.

The beautiful and gorgeous girls always used to grace the beaches of Florida while relaxing sailing, strolling or participating in different parties and get-togethers. McGee was too smart and he had been around for quite a long time for many of those gorgeous ladies to touch his heart. Gretel had finally fund the key to McGee and he has got something now to hope for. Then, all of a sudden, Gretel appeared to be dead and things changed drastically. It was assumed to be some mysterious disease behind the death but McGee knew that what the real truth was actually.

The book is all love especially because it is part of the great evolution of the character of McGee and also his all associated characters.

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