The Kill Order (Maze Runner, Book 4; Origin)

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This is the series that made James Dashner popular all over the world within no time; every fiction lover knows what the series is about. The maze present in the book is not an ordinary one rather it is one of a kind trap that can wear anyone down within no time. This specific part is not about the maze in precise rather it tells us about the event that leads to the whole thing. Flares from the sun started falling on the earth and in this situation, Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana hide in a strong building.

The building saves them from the outrageous circumstances but then the Yacht came and made them hostage. Soon the group overpowers the Yacht and starts a voyage of their own towards the beach of their own choice. During the voyage, they save many other lives but also find out that the people are infected by some kind of a disease that can spread all over within no time.

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The disease is some kind of a virus that changes the people into something else, their human self is erased very quickly and a horrifying monster is unleashed. Mark and Trina at the end of the story are left with no choice but to crash the burg on the base that hosts the diseased humans. For them, this killing of contaminated humans can save millions more who have not yet been infected by this horrible nightmare.

Official narrator Mark Deakins who narrated The Fever Code and The Maze Runner has narrated this one too. So there is no difference in voice quality for the people who like Deakins. The book is not linked to the main plot rather it provides the detail that the fans needed about the start of everything.


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