The Kingdom of Copper

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The second book in the trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty continues the fantasy that started in the first book. The book is well attached with the previous part and thus we once again find familiar characters and the story line is also the same. It is the world of the djinn that we are dealing with in this series with all the magical powers with which everything can become possible all of a sudden with just the snap of a finger.

Nahri’s summons Dara a djinn for the fulfillment of her plans and because of this her life takes a huge twist and she finds herself in Daevabad with a battle for survival. The history of her family is also revealed to her as she comes to know that the throne of Daevabad once belonged to her family but now it is ruled by a king who is keeping an eye on her all the time and watching her moves thus now the fate of her whole tribe also lies in her hands.

There is another character with family secrets in the heart i.e Ali who is exiled by his father. Thus we deal with characters with hidden secrets all around and these secrets finally mount up as a threat for Daevabad. The City of Brass – S. A. Chakraborty the first part of the series is also a must read along with this book as this one is a continuation of the previous one and in order to understand the concept related to djinn the whole trilogy should be read in an order.

Soneela Nankani is the narrator of this chapter, the narration starts slowly but later good pace is kept with the story. There is adventure, threats that can lead to calamities and also the description of the magical land everything we need for a fantasy.



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