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The List

The list and the list maker appear to be “fate” in the story from which no one can run or escape. It is always watching you and ready to pounce on you whenever it wants or wishes. The writer also tells the nature of the people who adopt certain things whether good or evil without showing any rejection or trying a way out of it. The list was being published for ten years in the town called Bates in which the names of those where written who were destined to die before the publishing of the next list. The important thing that we notice that no one is concerned about the maker of the list or from where the list comes from, everyone is so afraid that he just wants to keep his name out of the list rather than investigating the truth behind the whole mystery. Thus every six-month people just try to hide from the deadly fangs of death rather than searching for facts. Kiersten Modglin has very wonderfully told a story in which the true nature of human being of the current era is depicted. Humans of the present era live in fears and thus this is why they are easy to control and rule.

They never try to work as a team; everybody is concerned to save his own skin. The writer adds two new characters in the story to show the different approach toward the list in the form of the Atwoods who come to Bates and the first thing they hear is the list from which they can save themselves by just becoming loyal subjects of the list maker.
The narration is done by William Dupuy who has done an appropriate job by telling this tale which has horror but in a hidden manner. Other stories that may excite you more to listen to the author’s masterpieces are The Truth About My Scratches, The Beginning After and If It Walks Like a Killer.



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