The Lost Star Gate


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    The human thought that they survived the alien invasion but now everyone realizes that it was never an invasion at all. It was a trailer as the enemy wanted to judge the true potential of the human race and wanted to study their specie. Surprise time for the people of the earth because now the swarm is coming with full preparation and humans are in their weakest state. They tried to unite themselves for a common goal but the differences still remain which is an extra edge for the enemy.

    The Lost Star Gate

    However there is another way the nexus from where the swarm is coming can be destroyed and the human ships can reach that point because they have the technology. They can cover thousands of light year distance in seconds and reach the core that is producing this swarm and is causing havoc in the entire galaxy or the whole universe perhaps.

    The mission is suicidal but still several ships and their crew members are ready to go to the nexus and in order to destroy the core and the path through which the whole swarm is coming. Captain Maddox wants to bring back his team in one piece back to the earth but the team face faces far deadly enemy that the expected.

    They come face to face with threat which even the swarm tried to avoid. The energy that was lacking in The Lost Artifact finally returns to the show and Vaughn Heppner now tries to wind up this momentous battle. Mark Boyett still manages to hold on the story with the strong pitched voice and now the fans are in habit of listening to the series in his voice.

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