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    It’s the first experiment of J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert together, J.N. Chaney has worked with a co-writer before in Ruins of the Galaxy and Galactic Breach.  For Terry it was a new experience but the two have created an appealing science fiction that will continue for a very long time. Dash in the start is presented as an ordinary pilot of a ship that meets an accident; emergency landing is done at an unknown place, thus the people on board survived.

    Dash finds an ancient relic on this hidden part of the galaxy and also through this relic he comes to know about a war that is going to start very soon. Relic that the pilot finds is actually a big ship that has the capacity to dominate any sort of war. With the help of such a ship the result of different wars can be changed in moments. Problem however still emerges for the humans because the ship tells them about the most powerful race in the universe that is about to approach the human world.

    The Messenger

    According to the predictions only the Messenger would have the potential to face this deadly and powerful race. The relic’s intelligence hints towards Dash as the Messenger and asks him to take control of the ship in order to fight back for the sake of mankind. Jaffrey Kafer’s narration is with some issues in this book; the issues are not gigantic but are still there. First is the pace of narration that is a little slow in comparison to the situation the hero is in. Secondly the relic does not sound robotic that makes it appear as a human in most chapters.

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    1 thought on “The Messenger”

    1. Entertaining if not very original series. Action, Adventure and Comedy is the name of the game and this series has loads.
      Be aware that it is a slow build up and some of the novels are (currently) missing on this site but good story telling along with familiar and enjoyable character types makes for an enjoyable listen.


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