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James Patterson is the creator of many books that can bring people to a single thing in a quick time. Patterson’s books are with a special touch that makes them easily understandable especially when they are narrated in the voice of Zachary Quinto, Justine Lupe, and Stephanie Beatriz. Triple Cross has such a long list of narrators who have narrated the book to perfection. There is also The House of Wolves which became famous because of its vicious characters.

The book which we are discussing here is with certain psychological things in it that make if standalone out from the rest of the books. Brent Quill is the character that appears in the scene first of all. He is portrayed as an actor who wants to be on the top. For this Brent is ready to go to any level possible.

The intensive Method acting process helps him in becoming a good actor and he gets a central role in a TV series right away. The role was that of a brutal serial killer and this role suddenly starts taking over Brent’s mind.

The Method

The techniques that were told to Brent by Method started playing over his mind within no time. He starts thinking that he is actually losing his true identity in order to become a good actor. The thing was initially in Brent’s head only and then the problems started becoming real and bigger in magnitude. He knows that he is not going on the right path but there is nothing he can do about it because his mind is not in his control. In order to make things right Brent has to use his inner strength up to the maximum level.


Take a Chance on Me

Bright Winter Lights


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