The Price of Time

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Our status and stage in life matters a lot for our personality because these are two things that have an impact on our character building. If we have a lot of money or less money our behavior is bound to change, similarly in leisure time and during hectic routine our behavior vary. Different people related to literature and the field of writing have discussed about the Silicon Valley in so many different ways.

One thing is for sure that in none of the novels the place is portrayed as a place of innocent and simple people. Here Tim Tigner just adds the whole of that sinister stuff in a single book. It is like opening a Pandora Box instead of a book, there are murder, arresting, bullets fired and places for sex.

Lawlessness is on the rise and that’s why everyone wants one more chance to live a life of joy in this one of a kind sin city. Life is all about ironies when we have time we don’t have money and when we have money we are not left with a life to enjoy. The only thing that can make the dream come true is the so called “Fountain of Youth” but then again it is just a myth that’s all. The novel raises the point that if the fountain really existed how it would be used by the people. Much more grasping than Flash and Falling Stars because it links to our fascinations and dreams.

Narrator Paul Michael provides the novel with a fairy tale tone so that it can be enjoyed according to its amazing theme.

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