The Shell Game

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The power pair of Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg is back for some short stories or we can say some short incidents between the main stories. Producing such books among the long series has emerged as a trend in today’s world because people need some breather or a change from the usual pattern for some time. Moreover these episodes of the series help in two things i.e take care of the sidelined characters and events also develop the base for some other plots of the future books.

Those who have not yet listened to any of the books of the series should not select this one because it will make them land in the middle of nowhere. For those who are already familiar with the stuff this is a gem. In The Heist  it was told that Kate and Fox are like two rivals but the background was missing i.e where did they meet in the first place. Now comes the answer in the initial chapters of this book also in this story it is clear that right from the first meeting the two developed a natural feeling of love in their hearts for one another.

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Kate and Nick Fox were hired by Klepper for the protection of a relic that was being transported to another museum and here Fox deceived Kate for the first and last time. Though he deceived her just once but she is not ready to forget that day because she is sure that a man’s nature cannot be changed. Scott Brick looks more active as compared to The Big Kahuna as the book had several elements to deal with some were serious and other of least importance. Good book for the old fans and finally the first meeting secret is revealed. Member Benefit

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    The Big Kahuna

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