The Summer House

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Summer House in Georgia was a perfect place to rest during vacation than it turns into hell in one night after the terrible happening. Mass murder occurred in the Summer House which horrified the whole town. Local police came rushing into the case but proper evidence was not found. Those who were near the place, told the police that the murderers were the Night Ninjas who were operating in Afghanistan before this. Problem for the police is that the place had no connection with Afghanistan.

Also catching the military trained officers was not possible for the local sheriffs. Army after hearing about the whole situation sent Major Jeremiah Cook for the operation against the Night Ninjas. When the troops reached the place they received a cold welcome from the local police that was not ready to let the case go.

The more Cook tried to interfere the more hindrance was put in his way. James Patterson and Brendan DuBois at this point write about the mental stage of Cook as well. He has his own issues that have been haunting him for years and somehow they look connected to the case. Because of the differences both departments launch investigations of their own and the details just make every officer tremble.

Such massive killing never existed in James’ works before; we have seen The First Lady and 1st Case in the past. Serious situations were there in the previous creations but here in the voice of Ari Fliakos the fans go through a nightmare. Each step is full of terror and each revelation is a bitter truth that is totally unbelievable.



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