The Swing of Things

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One thing should be kept in mind i.e the author Linda Keir always writes for a mature audience and the kids cannot extract anything from these stories. Relation between husband and wife is discussed in most of the stories. The Three Mrs. Wrights and Drowning with Others can be taken as a good examples for those who want to know about the works of Linda. Here there are two new narrators, Lynn Barrington and Tristan James who have done the narration.

The two have not narrated any of Linda’s books previously so it was a new experience for them as well. Jayne Larsen and her husband Eric are not the ideal couples but they have a pleasant life which they enjoy a lot. Eric does not go out and he has been the stay-at-home type of a man. He takes care of their daughter and also tries to provide some fun time for his wife who happens to be an attorney.

They have been managing things like that for quite a while now and they are happy too. However, there is an issue i.e life is turning into a boring routine for them and they are afraid that they might get tried sooner or later. In such a scenario they need help in order to break the pattern. When Theo and Mia come to the locality, they bring new energy to the place. The husband and wife seem to be of the ideal sort and they also appear to be ready in helping other couples like Jayne and Eric. However, they also bring new rules to the place that are difficult to obey.

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    Drowning with Others

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