The Whole Truth

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The story really touches a bold topic that relates to conspiracies between countries and nation for the fulfillment of some hidden goals and achievements of some evil targets. David Baldacci presents a fictional character but most of assume that such organizations perhaps really work in the real world starting fights and then transforming them into war for the promotion of their own private business.

Mathew Pender in the story runs an organization that fulfils the requests of its clients with hundred percent satisfaction level of the client; this time Mathew is given the task to start a war between two groups or nations so that the largest arm dealer in the world or so called defense contractor can get easy money from both sides after providing them with the weapons of their desired choices.The war however in demand appears to be so big that it might transform into a third world war which could bring havoc to this world.

The extremity in the events is a bit similar to the novels like Long Road to Mercy and The Fallen but the plot is totally different, there are certain exaggerations as well in order to make the writer’s point of view prevail in the minds of the listeners but still overall the novel is written in a fine way and plays a great role in portraying the real root cause of fights between nations and countries with thousands of casualties and deaths in the end. Ron McLarty starts in a little sluggish manner but then joins in well with the story with his narration towards the middle and till the end.





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