The Winner’s Curse

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The Winner’s Curse is chapter 1 of the Winner’s Trilogy. It is a book and a series of children audiobooks, which primarily are science fiction fantasies. The author of this novel and the series is Marie Rutkoski, who became a popular name with this and few other of her books. The Winner’s Curse is another chapter from the Winner’s Trilogy which will make a great read or listen for the audience. Another good novel from the author is The Midnight Lie which is arguably the best work from the author so far.

Kate Rawson did the narration of this novel which is very special for kids in the way she presented herself with such a relatable voice. After listening to her voice, you will be convinced that nobody else could have done it better than her.

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Kestrel, a 17 years old daughter of a general enjoys quite a privileged and an extravagant life. Arin has got nothing apart from the clothes that she had on her back. Kestrel then makes a very impulsive decision, which actually binds Arin quite closer to her. Though, both of them tried hard to fight it but they couldn’t help themselves from falling in love. In order to be together with each other forever, they were supposed to betray their very own people but had to be loyal with their own country.

The book is a simplistic romance fantasy for young readers. It is clean and makes a great option for children to enjoy a good time with an audiobook. The characters are simple and this is exactly what a basic fantasy romance novel should be like for young audience.


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