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Unfettered is a series or a collection of small and interesting stories. All of these are based on the science fiction genre. As multiple stories are involved so multiple authors are there, where you will get to enjoy some different style of writing in one single audio book.

The names of the authors in this book are Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, Jacqueline Carey, Patrick Rothfuss, R. A. Salvatore, Peter V. Brett, Naomi Novik and Shawn Speakman, where the last one contributed as an editor. On the narration side, the team of narrators include Peter Ganim, Bronson Pinchot, Marc Vietor and Jay Snyder, where the overall performance of the narrators was satisfactory. The audio book is part of the Unfettered, Kingkiller Chronicle series.

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Either, it is you who defines life or life defines you. In case of Shawn Speakman, it was actually the both. Lacking health insurance at the time and having been diagnosed in 2011 with the deadly Hodgkin lymphoma disease, Speakman hurriedly accrued a grand medical debt, which he wasn’t able to pay back in time. It was the time, when Terry Brooks, the New York Times best-selling author made a grand decision and a generous offer.

The offer was to donate a short story with all its profits going Shawn Speakman’s way so that he could manage to pay all his medical bills and other stuff. This wasn’t all as Terry Brooks also ased his close fellow writers to contribute in the same way for the cause as the expenditures incurred already were enormous. Finally, Unfettered was the output of all this. It was a grand effort in form of several short stories to relieve that debt.




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