West of Eden 1-3


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    This trilogy rewrites history in a totally new way where humans are the one who is being hunted by the reptiles or the inferior creatures that work under the thumb of mankind. In this Harry Harrison’s world, everything happens in a different way the humans come close to extinction and not the dinosaurs that are more intelligent than the humans and have the knowledge of science and technology with which they are killing the human race one town after the other.

    West of Eden 1-3

    Kerrick the one who is brought up by the dinosaurs joins humans and become a threat for the dinosaur world that’s why they start a hunt for him. The dinosaurs very intelligently use their knowledge and skill and destroy the whole of Eden only place that was like a shelter for the whole of mankind. In the final chapter, the battle for survival still continues but this time on a new island where the humans want to reestablish things for themselves. The whole plot and the story is excellently portrayed by the writer the description of the scenes are complete and unique.

    Once you start listening to it you never lose interest even for a little moment. Barry Bernson has narrated the story nicely the narration takes a slow start and then mingles with the story quite well. The story also possesses certain historical details that are accurate and true and are not altered by the writer just to make the whole thing more real and appealing. The geographical scenes of Eden and the tour of different forests makes the environment energetic and full of life, we as readers always feel close to nature throughout the story.     

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