Wonderment in Death

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J.D. Robb shifts the time gear and flies to the future as the writer starts talking about the threatening tea parties in the year 2061. Each new addition in the series provides the element of mystery more than thrill and it is quite clear from the last two books Obsession in Death and Devoted in Death that the writer’s focus is mystery. Thrill is there but it has not been one of the dominating features. The case was just a routine murder investigation for Eve Dallas as there was not a lot of suspicion involved.

Everything was clear that Darlene has murdered her brother but then several friends of Darlene and Marcus has other views. They told Eve that Darlene could never commit such a hideous act against her own brother. Thus Eve like always is trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing and thus she digs deep. She gets the case history of the girl as well who has been going to the doctors but not ordinary ones. Darlene has been visiting psychic doctors and those who are skilled in the studies of paranormal activities.

The thing that she discovers horrifies her to the core. Eve finds out that a doctor has been playing with the minds of the patients and thus forcing them to commit things that want them to do. The narrator is the same, Susan Ericksen is moving along well with the series and she is handling the climax and the twisting parts excellently. We don’t find many hues and cries that are usually added in the end in most of the parts also there are no personal elements this time.





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