12 Rules for Life

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12 Rules for Life

Jordan B. Peterson is a thinker who has influenced many minds and thoughts so far. This book titled as  12 Rules for Life covers some of the hidden meanings we should understand from our lives and he described all the unanswered questions in a very meaningful way.

The author has explained all the various aspects of confusion realities in a very bold and compelling manner so that everyone is clear about what happens and why it does so. There are many questions, many thoughts, and many different things that keep hovering in our minds. Every one of us needs to get answers that actually explain why everything happens in our life, surrounding us and why people behave in a way they do.

In most cases he explains things in an interesting way even for the things that are not so popular and people may not be aware of the various other related aspects. In all such circumstances, we should understand and combine scientific research, ancient tradition, and our hard-learned knowledge so that you deduce the real meaning, real message, and all the useful points that we should know to cope with our daily life events.

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The author has narrated the book in a very firm yet very calming and soothing way that helps the reader to understand what he tried to say and how he explains all the complicated things that we are unable to understand and cope with on our own.

You get all the colors of life explained in a very easy and detailed way keeping in touch with the theories of anthropology, psychology and the science with the help of comparative studies sued to know the various religious thoughts and actions.

No doubt, the book is a wonderful supplement for those who want to dig in about the various situations of our lives more easily. Jordan has another book for those who like listening to this one. You can listen to Maps of Meaning for knowing more about life.


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