A Thousand Li: The First War

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Peace is something which the people of the land are looking for but the war which has started has no boundaries. The war is going to eat up everything that is present on the land and the ill-fated people of the land can only see destruction coming to their doorstep. Tao Wong has described war more intensely and in detail too because the story actually revolves around this single thing.

The author has made the scenes of the war serious to the core as it is the main strength of the series. States of Wei and Shen are indulged in a war which has prolonged because of several circumstances. The villages present around these kingdoms have taken sides and one of those villages is the homeland of Wu Ying.

Wu Ying cares about his homeland more than anything else in the world and he wants to keep everyone away from the shocks of the war but it is not possible because they are in the middle of every things. Travis Baldree narrates a troubled Wu Ying in this part because he wants to help the people of the land. If Wu Ying gets indulged in the war then he will lose his chance to become an immortal being.

Love for the mortals attract this young warrior and he decides to take on a third path which happens to be something which he should not have taken. A Thousand Li: The First Step: A Cultivation Novel and Town Under are interesting books with unique kind of stories. Such stories can provide you a lot of fun if you pay all your attention to it.

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