Black Water


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Black Water is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is also categorized as a teen & young adult novel. It is the fifth chapter of the Pendragon novel series which is authored by D. J. MacHale. This amazing American author has done excellent fiction work for young and adult audiences alike. If you want to experience that go with his The Merchant of Death novel. The Pilgrims of Rayne is another exciting title from D. J. MacHale.

William Dufris gave his voice to the characters of this novel. After listening to this audiobook, you will be reasonable please with his performance.

Black Water

The time when Bobby pendragon, a 15 years old boy thought that he understood everything about his purpose as a Traveler then he was up against an impossible choice. His purpose as a traveler was to safeguard all of the territories of Halla from the Saint Dane evil. The impossible choice was about the inhabitants of Eelong who were in severe danger of getting wiped out from the face of the territory.

All that was due to a mysterious plague. Only Bobby knew how that could be stopped. But, it also meant to have the antidote ordered from another territory and that was Cloral. Since the act of moving stuff amid different territories was prohibited by the rules of the Traveler, if Bobby opts to protect Eelong then he could endanger himself. On top of that, the life of his friends and all of their future will also be threatened.

This story is perfectly placed in the Pendragon novel series. Plenty of things in the story are unfolded here. It will make a fantastic read and will develop your deep interest of you in the series.


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