Brief Cases

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Use of multiple narrators was fun but then those who have been listening to Jim Butcher’s work for a decade were disturbed because they were attached to James Marsters. Now James Marsters also participates along with a team of other narrators thus we get the best of both worlds.

Cassandra Campbell, Julia Whelan, Oliver Wyman and Jim Butcher himself are in the list of the narrators that work with James in coordination. If anyone has gone through Shadowed Souls and Side Jobs  then this part has twice the fun in it. All the characters that have been there in different parts come in this one with their own unique role. Harry the ever confused one when it is selection time between a friend and an enemy moves further and gets the chance to feel how it is like to be a father.

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Old student Molly is back for some business of her own and thus the short stories in this book remind us about different characters this time that we seem to have forgotten. Jim has adopted this trick in this long series, the author reintroduces the old characters in these short stories and then he uses them in the longer version once again.

Anyone who does not possess the time to get through the whole series can just listen to these short stories and can after that shift to the real action packed novels of the series. One thing that the audience was not expecting at all was the intro of the Bigfoot all of a sudden; the character is Jim Butcher’s best but was never used in this series till now.


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    Side Jobs

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