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    Real complications have emerged between the two lovers since the last part, they want to be with one another but there are issues that need to be resolved first. Colton thinks that he is not a good choice for Rylee because his past life has been hideous. According to Colton a girl as pure as Rylee deserves a better man than him.

    The love of his life however is not ready to leave him now. She is of the view that after all these years he happens to be Mr. Perfect for her who brought her back from the realm of quietness. Rylee tries to win him just like he did for her but it is difficult because the man is slowly losing hope and himself too. He wants to leave so that Rylee would not be able to reach him again. K. Bromberg’s Driven and Fueled were about coming closer and this one is about departing in the first half and in the later one because of the efforts of the girl they again come close.


    The author has clearly told the impact of past life on the present. In the youth we have affairs and also get indulged in other stupid things but when we try to settle in life these things really pinch us like thorns.

    This is the second part that Tatiana Sokolov and Sean Crisden have narrated together and they are doing it in great coordination. Both don’t allow their voice to collide with the others in any of the scenes. And this is not the only reason of their success; the emotions are also conveyed by them in a tremendous style.

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