Dark Ghost

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Dark Ghost is book 27 in the Dark series. It is written by Christine Feehan who is known as the queen of romance of her time. Dark Ghost is a romance fantasy book with a tale that will last long on your memory. You can refer to this book as a standalone novel which will potentially make you a lifelong fan of Christine Feehan and her amazing Dark series. She has done enormous range of literary work in the romance fantasy genre. A couple of novels written by the author that are recommended to her new followers are Desolation Road and Dark Illusion.

Phil Gigante and Natalie Ross paired up for the narration f Dark Ghost novel. Their combination worked as this novel received excellent reviews for the narration alone.

Andre has spent countless centuries while fighting the undead and holding against the dark with dignity and honor. But this time, Andre Boroi will be quite easy to track after being excessively wounded by Costin, the master vampire. His spilled blood was marking the entire trail for Costin and his hungry troupe. The only chance left for Andre is to vanish in the gray mist behind the mountains of Carpathians. He must wait there in disappearance with hope for his survival. Then comes Teagan Janes, a geologist to the scene and was betrayed by those whom she once trusted. Her path soon crossed with the wounded warrior and things changed all of a sudden.

The story this time was not much strong for which the author is actually known for. It seems to be repetitive at parts and the keen followers finds it a bit discouraging. However the first timers loved it and looked for more novels in the Dark series.

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