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The nice and wonderful story for action lovers, especially those who want heroic and epic fights in the novels. We see wars of spic proportion throughout the story and there is no secret operations just pure fight between warriors which are one of a kind. The vanishing and the emerging of the Daroth are of main significance in the story.

Daroth a cruel race one that wants to eat the whole human race up finally gets the most important thing that it desired and that was not only immortality but also they became untouchable which means that no weapon had any effect on them they were like demigods which were threatening everything created by the gods. The story has a secret related to the Eldarin pearl as well which the heroes search for in their quest to end the battle between the Daroth and the rest of the mankind by sending the Daroth back from where they came from.

The Daroths in their second emergence have been portrayed as more bloodthirsty and dangerous in order to show that extinguishing them is the last resort. The three heroes are wonderfully described, each one of them possesses a different skill that makes all of them useful in the group and in the quest also. David Gemmell has tailored a nice tale that moves in a big span of time also several historic elements have been added by him that were given importance in the past like the effects of a dark moon.

Homer Todiwala has narrated the story with a few pauses that makes it a bit troublesome at a time for the listener but one gets used to it after listening to it for twenty minutes or so. Make sure not to miss other stories from the author which may also let you enjoy the way you want your extra time to be enjoyed by listening to the Legend, The King Beyond the Gate and Waylander.

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