Dark Sky

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Dark Sky is crime fiction and a mystery thriller book. It is the 21st novel in Joe Pickett novel series. C. J. Box is its author who has been a bestseller for this same series. If you want to experience the best of his work then go with the Blood Trail novel in your next literary sitting. Another novel from Box that will highly fascinate you is Nowhere to Run.

David Chandler was at his usual best with the narration of the Dark Sky audio novel.

When Joe Pickett, the game warden of Wyoming was handed a thankless task by the governor then he trekked reluctantly into the wilderness. The high-profile charge was given to him as a tech tycoon had to go on an elk hunting trip. As they both ventured into the wilderness, there was a man-hunter around who was hot on his heels. He was driven by a strong desire of taking revenge. Joe discovered himself without a horse, any way to communicate, and even without a weapon in that situation. So, the only way he had to cope with the situation was to rely on his knowledge and wits to protect not just himself but the tech baron as well.

Meanwhile, Nate, Joe’s best friend, and his daughter Sheridan came to know about the threat that Joe was facing. They both followed them into the wilderness.

This time it will be a story of colliding cultures where a tech CEO was part of a deadly case. It is a final shutdown of the Joe Pickett series, where you will find Joe, Nate, and Sheridan was up against the worst that they could ever be offered.

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