Glacier’s Edge

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R.A. Salvatore is the writer who hasn’t formed just a story or a series rather he is the one who has created an entire world in which things happen according to his orders. The author has played well in this series and after every ending, there seems to be a new beginning in this story. The Ghost King can be taken as a fine example in this regard then don’t forget to talk about Maestro which is a classic creation in its own way. Jarlaxle gets into serious trouble as Victor Bevine narrates another part of the series.

The Slaad fortress has been attacked by the enemy and on this occasion, the enemy is not just someone with ordinary powers. The gods are helping the enemy side which means that winning the battle is almost impossible. Jarlaxle was lucky that he was able to escape the fortress in time but he cannot just run away from the spot because his friends are trapped in the fortress. Jarlaxle also wants to save the lives of the innocent souls who are present in the fortress but he cannot fight against such a powerful rival on his own.

Jarlaxle must gather a team that should be powerful enough to counter the magical power of the enemy. The problem is that even if Jarlaxle is able to find the warriors with such magical skills how can he make them fight for his cause? Moreover, the warrior is trying to hide a secret that is linked to the world of magic and the enemy must not find out anything about it. Surrounded by problems and worries, the warrior runs into the freezing cold with hope in his heart.

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