He Started It


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    Everyone needs a motivator in life that can make him live an energetic life. Without a motivator, the life becomes dull and boring. Among all the motivators in the world, money happens to be the strongest one of all. Beth, Portia and Eddie Morgan belong to the same family but they have not met each other for many years. Because of certain reasons, they think that they will not be able to co-exist together again. Then one day their grandfather dies all of a sudden and leaves a big property share for each one of them along with a message.

    All three of them decide to join hands for the sake of wealth that is left for them by their grandfather. Coming together means that they have to open up a secret which is kept hidden by all of them. Thus with a dead body that they have to deal with, they move toward the family home and there is someone who seems to be on their back.

    He Started It

    A strange car appears to be chasing all of them and the man in that car wants to take some sort of revenge. Thus strange things are happening here which is the strength of Samantha Downing. Karissa Vacker narrates in a relax manner and this makes all of us quite close to the characters that are actually running for their lives after the middle.

    My Lovely Wife and He Started It were focused on a single character but here these multiple characters are linked with the same case and they just want to get out of this mess as quickly as possible.

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