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Just like Santa the Discworld has a Hogfather who comes to the children with gifts on 32 December. Same person also has the responsibility to bring day and night to the land but this time he is missing. Someone has abducted him, which means there would be no gifts for the children and also the sun will never shine on the Discworld. Susan gets the responsibility of getting him back and in the meanwhile her grandfather instead of playing the role of death acts like the Hogfather.

Death enters the chimneys of the houses with gifts so that the children would not get disappointed. Susan goes to the castle of the Hogfather but there she just finds some small creatures like the god of hangovers.

Bilious and the granddaughter of Death i.e Susan continue their long search that takes them to the domain of the Tooth fairy where they finally come to know what has happened to the Hogfather. The fat man was actually in the trap created by Mr. Teatime and he was in the shape of a Hog in that realm.

Finally Susan gets the upper hand in fight and rescues the one who brings out the sun at the right time in the Discworld. Terry Pratchett tries to add more stuff for kids in his tale, Interesting Times and Maskerade had some serious wars but this one is all about kids’ fantasies.

It’s like entering the world of fairy creatures; we can feel the light tone in Nigel Planer’s narration as well. Nigel narrates in a style that can be easily understood by the kids of all ages.

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