I’d Like to Play Alone, Please



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    I’d Like to Play Alone, Please is a memoir. It is written and narrated by Tom Segura. He is a renowned standup comedian, actor, author, and podcaster from the USA. Tom Segura narrated this memoir pretty well and his impactful voice will make you more interested in the things that he wanted to share with his audience.

    Tom Segura is widely known for his irrelevant comedic voice and twisted takes. But only after some years of his excitingly crazy tours, and doing weekly podcasts, does he desperately need to have a second to himself. All this while, he was also parenting a couple of young children. It wasn’t like that he hated his friends and family. He was just not a monster. He was just a beat and that was why the first full sentence of his sons: ‘I’d Like to play alone, please’ became his mantra of life since then.

    I'd Like to Play Alone, Please

    Tom in this excellent collection of stories combined his signature humor with a highly revealing look at a few of the most ridiculous situations. Those situations or incidents were the ones that shaped his personality and his life. Those also shaped up the different characters created by him who appeared to just seek him out always. The shared stories also feature some exciting and hilarious anecdotes about the time that Tom spent on the road. Those also include a few surreal encounters with many celebrities at the airports. He shared in detail about the tribulations and trials of parenting children which the audience will definitely like.

    I’d Like to Play Alone, Please will share some hilarious stories of Tom Segura. Those stories are about celebrity encounters, parenting, misanthropy, youthful mistakes, and a lot more.

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