The Mysterious Howling: Book I Audiobook


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    The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book I: The Mysterious Howling

    Intended to chase the imagination of the middle-grade kids, this is the book 1 from the series Incorrigible Children written by Maryrose Wood. The story has been beautifully written, describing the kids that have been found in the forests near the Ashton palace. These kids are surely not usual kids and they are raised and trained by wolves and that is why they have developed the personality features quite similar to the wolves. They howl, they bark and they walk like wolves.

    The interesting yet mysterious characters are the main attraction of the story that is being described perfectly by the narrator Katherine Kellgren who creates a compelling story scenario using an expression that is appropriate.

    The Mysterious Howling: Book I Audiobook

    The incorrigible children are the wolves like kids who would do anything to prove that they have been raised by wolves and have acquired all the habits from them. But the fact is Miss Penelope Lumley is a suitable governess for these little monsters who knows how to handle them because of her capabilities and the past that is also a mystery thing affecting her abilities. She keeps on providing all the instructions and possible behavior teachings to make the kids behave as civilized kids to prepare for the Lady Constance holiday. But they face unknown challenges and things that are not clear and that makes a great adventure and interesting journey till the end.

    Similar to the stories like The Hidden Gallery and The Unseen Guest you may find a lot of mix of mystery, fun and some things which are unknown to most of the people.

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    1. The Mysterious Howling: Book I Audiobook
    2. The Hidden Gallery: Book II Audiobook
    3. The Unseen Guest (updating)

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